Critiques and Beta Readers…

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And I can’t stress this enough, are ESSENTIAL to the revision process. I get way too close to the words on the page (and fill in gaps from my imagination that readers don’t have) for objective editing. Critique partners and beta readers come at the manuscript without my biases or ideas to fill the gaps, so they can see things I don’t. The also catch things that don’t leap out at me after dozens of read throughs and rewrites. Sometimes in rewriting I eliminate important info that was there before, so it helps to have several other sets of eyes looking over what I’ve edited already. So, if you’re on the writing journey like me, get some critique partners and beta readers!

2 thoughts on “Critiques and Beta Readers…

  • Agreed. You’d think there’s nothing you missed but some things just slip through sometimes. For instance, my editor caught one glaring mistake that my character was wearing a jacket (to store his drugs) in tropical weather. This is how important a fresh set of eyes are lol.

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