I Believe in my Muse

Tonight was one of those times where the words just flowed for me. I got the ideas down, felt the rhythm take over, and let the words fly. Not every night is like that, and maybe tomorrow I won’t like how the words on the page read back. Either I’ll like it or have to edit sometime down the road, but for the sake of progress and momentum, tonight was an excellent way to start the week!
I won’t run out of things to post here as long as this writing marathon goes on, but if any of the four folks out there who read this want to ask any questions or make any comments (like an actual conversation). Have at it – I think comments are enabled (if not I’ll have to figure that out too!). Otherwise I’ll spout off about what I’m writing, how I feel about it, and where I want this all to lead (spoiler free of course).

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