Big steps and little steps…

I thought I’d take this blog a little further than a journal of my nightly writing routine. I’ll tell you all a little about the story itself. I’m writing a contemporary fantasy (I really struggled to categorize the narrative). It’s definitely Fantasy, but not High fantasy, or Magical Realism… It’s not a good fit for Urban Fantasy either. Let me tell you what it IS and you can decide for yourself.

Fantastic America is the answer to a question I asked myself: What would people in the world we know do if magic suddenly worked again after being dormant for thousands of years? How would national governments, religious institutions, and individuals react to the upending of the status quo humanity has taken for granted all that time?

Well, the journey to answer that question is wrapped up in what I’m writing! You’ll meet characters who embrace the return of magic, those who fear it, and those who want to stuff it back into what ever box it’s been hiding in all this time. Few people can use this powerful new force, even they have no idea how it works. One thing is certain, the return of magic also reveals that we are not alone. Monsters long thought to be myths have come to nightmarish life. Humanity must find ways to cope with the dangers that continue to emerge from the return of magic, and that friends, is only the beginning…

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