My first night writing (This time, for the last time, for this book)

My journey has officially begun (again)! I’ve been working on this story (and so much more to come behind it) for over two years now. I never got to the end, there was always more to add, a dimension of the story I hadn’t worked out, new characters that made the plot more cohesive, exciting, or profound. I never found a way to finish what I’d stated before. Fortunately, I have found that path.

After years of spending all my time but little or no money, I decided I needed help from a professional. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a commercial for my coach (Who by the way is amazing!), but I have to say I wouldn’t be nearly this confident or nearly this prepared without her help! Whew – that was a lot to say to get to where I meant to go…

I have set myself a daunting task: Ninety thousand words on the page in 60 days. Today was day one (I write at night mostly but still). I got about 4000 words on the page, and have about 86,000 to go. A year ago I’d have scoffed at the idea I could do that, but today I’m positive its not only doable, but that I should have been done long ago. Follow along with me (I’m going to write here anyway) about my writing, the story itself, the characters, settings, and the action, and how I’m bringing it all together (or struggling to get it done if that happens). To paraphrase Robert Jordan, there are no endings or beginnings, but this is A beginning.

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